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The John Carter Brown Library is a world-leading library and research center for the study of the early Americas located on the campus of Brown University. Housing more than 50,000 of the rarest books in our field, the Library also has an extraordinary collections of maps and prints, as well as a select collection of significant manuscripts that support the fullest, multidisciplinary and multi-lingual understanding of the past. 

A dynamic, diverse workplace, the JCB is committed to a healthy, positive professional environment where visiting scholars, students, and community members as well as our expert staff will thrive!

Executive Assistant (Coming Soon) 

The Executive Assistant provides high-level support to the Director of the John Carter Brown Library, a dynamic and world-renowned research institute. The position is responsible for all aspects of managing the Director’s activities, including managing the Director’s schedule and communications. The position also serves as the general office manager for the John Carter Brown Library, ensuring appropriate administrative coordination for Library programs, including the Library’s fellowship program. 

Notice of the Filling of a Labor Condition Application with the Employment and Training Administration