Fellow's Talk

Comparative Colonialisms? Palermo and the Americas at the JCB

Simple, printed map of the island of Sicily, showing Mount Etna, Palermo, Messina, Catania, and other cities, which have been labeled by the author.

This week our speaker will be Elizabeth Kassler-Taub,  Assistant Professor at Dartmouth College. She is a specialist in early modern architecture and urbanism with a focus on southern Italy, transcultural exchange in the Mediterranean, and global histories of early modern colonialism. Her work has been published by JSAH and Word & Image, and contributions are forthcoming to “The Global Early Modern: Challenges, Methods, Theories,” a special issue of Modern Philology, and to the JSAH roundtable “Constructing Race and Architecture (1400-1800)."

This talk will draw on research towards her book manuscript entitled "Elastic Empire: Architecture, Urbanism, and Identity in Early Modern Palermo," and will highlight materials in the JCB collection.