Visitor Information

Welcome! Here you will find information on how to make an appointment for a research visit at the John Carter Brown Library. Please notice that because of COVID-19 policies, the JCB Reading Room can receive up to 10 researchers researchers per shift.


Brown University Policies

All visitors must abide by the University’s current COVID-19 public health policies, including masking and social distancing. Updated guidance is available at Detailed University visitor policies are available on

Who can visit the JCB during fall semester 2021?

Access to the John Carter Brown Library is limited to our research fellows, members of the Brown University community, and external researchers with an appointment to use materials in our reading room. Our exhibition spaces are not open to the public during the fall semester. Brown University ID holders should email to Kim Nusco (, and will receive a link to reserve a shift in the reading room.

External researchers (regardless of affiliation) are welcome to conduct research in the JCB Reading Room. All external researchers who wish to reserve a shift in our Reading Room will be considered 'short-term visitors' according to Brown University policies, and required to complete JCB Library Visitors form.

Once that the information is processed, you will receive a confirmation email, and we will send you a link to reserve a research shift in the Reading Room.
Please allow three business days to process this form.