Resources and Publications

The following list represents a selection of some of the of electronic resources that can be used to consult our collections. Please contact for additional resources on a particular topic.


European Views of the Americas: 1493 to 1750

This searchable database complements the JCB's classic European Americana: A Chronological Guide to Works Printed In Europe Relating to the Americas, 1493-1750, edited by John Alden with the assistance of Dennis C. Landis. Compiled and edited at the Library over several decades, this six-volume work provides a comprehensive guide to printed material about the Americas written in Europe before 1750.

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Indigenous Languages of the Americas

The JCB holds one of the world's largest collections of books containing text in one or more Amerindian languages for the period before the nineteenth century. This searchable bibliography lists nearly every book in the Library on Native American languages. Links to complete works that have been digitized and added to the Library’s collection at the Internet Archive are provided in each bibliographic record.

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Voyage of the Slave Ship Sally

In 1764, a one-hundred ton brigantine called the Sally embarked from Providence, Rhode Island, to West Africa on a slaving voyage. Records of the Sally venture are preserved at the JCB as well as in the archives of the Rhode Island Historical Society. All known records are displayed on this website, which outlines the initial preparations for the voyage, the long months on the African coast, and the auctioning of surviving captives on the West Indian island of Antigua.

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Rhode Island Archival and Manuscript Collections Online

Online finding aids for parts of the JCB's manuscript collection may be found on the Rhode Island Archival and Manuscript Collections Online (RIAMCO) site.

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Bound Images: Maps in Books since 1453

Bound Images, the collaborative project of Jordana Dym (Skidmore College) and Carla Lois (Universidad de Buenos Aires), reconsiders maps theoretically and practically as "bound images" rather than sovereign, self-contained items. A January 2019 workshop organized by Jordana Dym and Carla Lois gathered a dozen scholars to discuss maps - many of which are housed at the JCB - as bound images. Here, several workshop participants share their reflections on maps as bound images.

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Codigo Brasiliense/Laws of Brazil

Uma coleção de leis e outros documentos oficiais do Brasil entre 1811 e ca. 1822 (em português e em ingles). 

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