Guided show-and-tell

Latin Americana: The Latin Collection at the JCB


This event will take place on Zoom.


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If Spanish came to be imposed or adopted as the lingua franca for the different ethnic groups in Spain’s territories, as Portuguese was in Brazil, what was the role of Latin in the Americas? Answers to this question can help account for the large number of Latin books in the JCB, explain the subjects they cover, and why they might be important, irrespective of whether or not people nowadays are able to read them. 
The pioneering Musa Americana exhibition, devoted to the many books from the Americas which addressed classical themes, was held at the JCB exactly forty years ago. This event, conceived as a commemoration of that original 1980 display, will address a related field of growing interest, which is far more inclusive: the Library's unparalleled collection of works in Latin. Our collaborative session will involve a guided show-and-tell of some important Latin books and  a short talk  about the role and status of Latin in the colonial Americas by Professor Andrew Laird, distinguished Professor of Classics and Humanities, and Professor of Hispanic Studies.

Latin Americana: The Latin Collection at the JCB has been organized and will be moderated by Domingo Ledezma, Acting Curator of European Books.

This event will take place on Zoom:


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