Fresh Ink: Spanish Dollars and Sister Republics by Tatiana Seijas

Congratulations to Tatiana Seijas (former R. David Parsons Fellow) and Jake Frederick (former JCB Associates Fellow) on the publication of their new book, Spanish Dollars and Sister Republics: The Money that Made Mexico and the United States

Seijas explained how the concept of the book came about during their fellowships at the JCB. "Jake and I started thinking about doing a book together a few weeks into our fellowships in Fall 2014, something on the history of Mexico and the US for our students. The JCB’s collections inspired us to come up with different historical actors who could be at the center of each of the chapters," she said. "Reading Bartlett’s papers and diary at the JCB at the suggestion of [JCB Assistant Librarian for Research & Reference Services] Kim Nusco really got me thinking about the kind of money used at the border when it was first carved out." New coin minted at the JCB!