JCB Receives Three-Year Fellowship Support from NEH

closeup of fellows in Bolivar Room

The JCB was thrilled to receive news last week that it had been selected among a competitive peer group to receive three years of long-term fellowship support from the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH). For the past several decades, this fellowship program out of Washington, DC has served as a core component of our own fellowship program. The extended stay and prestige associated with our NEH fellows function to build stability and constancy for the fellowship program as a whole. The NEH fellows are the backbone of the JCB fellowship experience, and they serve as mentors for our graduate students and junior scholars while at the same time enabling the JCB to be competitive with other libraries that have vastly greater resources for attracting senior scholars, The Library also benefits greatly from running our entire long-term fellowship selection process according to NEH rules, ensuring that geographic, institutional, disciplinary, and other forms of diversity are conscious components in how we construct our committees and adjudicate the candidacies of prospective fellows. For the press release from the NEH, click here