Left to right: Mark Armstrong, Cheryl Kaletsch and José Montelongo of the JCB.

We are very proud to share the news that three members of our staff will attend Rare Book School (RBS) this summer. Rare Book School is an unparalleled opportunity for library professionals to study the history of written, printed, and digital materials with leading scholars and professionals in the field. "The Library's support of employee participation in these initiatives reflects our enthusiastic commitment to professional development," explains Beatrice and Julio Mario Santo Domingo Director and Librarian and Professor of History Karin Wulf.

Through a combination of lectures and hands-on practice, Rare Book School helps students dive into the world of rare books, maps, manuscripts, and special collections. Although some courses are intended for book collectors and other people interested in the history of books and printing, JCB staff usually attend specialized courses geared towards rare books cataloguers, conservators, curators, bookbinders, and curators. This year, Mark Armstrong (Research and Reference Librarian) and José Montelongo (Maury A. Bromsen Curator of Latin American Books) will attend the University of Virginia Rare Book School, and Cheryl Kaletsch (Cataloguing Assistant) will go to the California Rare Book School. 

"I am excited about RBS because I will learn how to catalog rare books from the 1450's - 1800's (Hand Press Era)," Cheryl, the newest member of the JCB's growing Cataloguing Department, explains. José's focus will be similar: "The course I am taking centers on the physical aspects of books printed during the hand-press period. It is an exciting opportunity because trying to convey the historical significance embedded in rare books and their production is an essential part of my job." For his part, Mark also looks forward to applying the knowledge that he gains from the five-day intensive program to his work at the Library: "The course I am taking will provide me with an intellectual framework for the analysis of the JCB's oldest books."

For more information about Rare Books School, visit their website: