Bertie Mandelblatt

George S. Parker II ’51 Curator of Maps and Prints

My curatorial work involves developing the JCB’s map and print collections; curating exhibitions and developing other kinds of programming; working with JCB Fellows, other researchers and the wider public; teaching from JCB collections; and engaging in outreach and scholarship based on the map and print collections, and the JCB collections more broadly. I am a librarian (MLIS, McGill University) and a historical geographer (PhD, University of London) with research expertise in historical cartography, the French Americas and the early modern Caribbean. I have published in a number of anthologies and journals (History Workshop Journal; Atlantic Studies; Histoire, Économie, Société; French History; History of European Ideas; Early American Studies and XVII-XVIII: Revue de la Société d’études anglo-américaines des XVIIe et XVIIIe siècles). My research addresses a number of intersecting questions in those broad fields: cartography as an imperial practice; the historical geography of the colonial Americas; the geographies of plantation slavery; colonial trade, commodities, agriculture; and early modern subsistence and consumption.