Summer 2018 Fellows Collaborate and Converse

group of people seated around a table, engaged in conversation

While a group of Spanish-speaking scholars from around the globe were in deep research mode at the Library this summer, several had the idea to put the Library’s oft-stated commitment to multi-lingual research, collaboration, and discussion to the test. The result was “Diálogos,” a new series hosted in Spanish that brings scholars together in dialogue in languages other than English. The first meeting, organized by Ernesto Bassi (Cornell) and Andrés Vélez Posada (Univ. of Cambridge/EAFIT, Medellín), highlighted the work of David Colmenares (Columbia), Nydia Pineda (UNAM), Federica Morelli (Turin), and Javier Puente (PUC-Chile). The result was a fabulous session that is the model for future events with other non-English languages. ¡Gracias por una sesión tan interesante!