Visual Thinking in the Archive: Mesoamerican Codices at the JCB

94 George Street

Providence, RI 02906

Image from: Tovar Codex-El modo de baylar de los Mexicanos. 17a y última del primer tratado. [Juan de Tovar 1585]. Original at the John Carter Brown Library.

Are you a visual thinker? Come join today's workshop, sponsored by the Program in Renaissance and Early Modern Studies and the John Carter Brown Library, to explore the products of other visual thinkers in the Americas since pre-Columbian times. The unparalleled collection of manuscripts at the John Carter Brown Library is a window onto indigenous ways of representing landscapes, waterscapes and their human and more-than-human inhabitants.

This workshop will be an opportunity for students to examine a variety of painted books and maps from the early modern period (between 1500-1800). These vibrant manuscripts illustrate the possibilities for research into visual culture that the JCB archive enables for professional scholars and undergraduates alike. Facilitated by Iris Montero (Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow, Cogut Institute for the Humanities) and Alex Vidmar REMS ’18.