The John Carter Brown Library's collection has many resources for the study of slavery, the slave trade, and their ongoing legacy. Most of the historical documents used in the Slavery & Justice Report — the First Reading selection for 2020 — are from the Brown family business papers collection at the John Carter Brown Library, although the Brown family business records are just one example of the Library’s significant holdings for the study of the history of slavery and the slave trade. The JCB's collection of books, maps, and manuscripts relating to the early Americas contextualizes the findings of the Slavery & Justice Report within the global history of the transatlantic slave trade. Together with a series of virtual programs for undergraduate students we will be holding throughout the year, the collection highlights shown below present resources related to the Slavery & Justice Report that are available to students both in-person and digitally for the study of the history of slavery and the slave trade. You can find a more extensive listing of the JCB's materials at our page dedicated to Resources for the Study of Slavery and its Legacy.