Jaime Marroquín, Associates Fellow

photograph of Jaime Marroquin, assistant professor of Spanish at western Oregon university

Jaime Marroquín, Assistant Professor of Spanish at Western Oregon University, spent four months as an Associates' Fellow at the JCB researching his current monograph El Peyote y la Virgen: Ethnographic History and Natural Science. This project examines the botanical, medicinal and cultural history of the peyote cactus (lophophora williamsii), the yōllohxōchitl (talauma mexicana ) and the ololliuqui ( turbina corymbosa). This analysis centers the proto ethnographic and naturalist texts and practices developed in Greater North America, particularly at the northern borders of New Spain. A specialist in the cultural history of Mexico, Marroquín reported finding one of the world's richest collections on the ethnographic history of what is today northern Mexico and the U.S. Southwest. He noted some highlights including first editions of fundamental works such as the Chronica de la provincia del Santo Evangelio de Mexico (1697) by Agustín Ventancurt and the Chronica de la provincia de NSPS Francisco de Zacatecas (1737) by Joseph Arlegui.