Detail of a printed book shows a title page with text in Latin.
Detail of a printed book shows a page with text in Latin and elegant typography.
Detail of a printed book shows text in Latin.

Disputatio inauguralis medica

Justus Vesti

Justus Vesti (1651-1715) was a professor of medicine at Erfurt and author of many medical and pharmaceutical works. In this treatise Vesti describes the uses and abuses of fruits, herbs, spices and vegetables in pharmaceuticals. He writes about pomegranates, citrus fruits, apples, peaches, cinnamon, cloves, figs cucumber, melons, olives, walnuts and various herbs. Chapter IV deals with the uses of bark that can be used to cure worms and fevers. This use of Brazilian balsam was borrowed from the works of Michael Ettmüller, Willem Piso and Pierre Borel.

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