Enseñar desde luego silabeando

Jose de Nava

To read aloud, syllable by syllable, is the instructive message of this extremely rare ephemeral sheet. It shows a group of young children engaged in various activities, as well as letters corresponding to important words along the edges – Som-bre-ro, Gui-tar-ra, Flo-res, Za-pa-to – that are also visible in the images. The "arzobispo de Mexico, como patrono del Hospital R[ea]l de Yndios" engraved above image in the center refers to Archbishop Francisco Javier de Lizana y Beaumont, who held that office from 1802-1805 and served as viceroy of New Spain from 1809-1810. He served as patron of the Royal Hospital of the Indies, an organization founded in 1556 to care for the natives in New Spain.

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