The New Testament of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ

John Eliot

The Eliot Bible (1663) was the first Bible to be printed in British North America. It is a translation of the Geneva Bible in the indigenous Massachusett language produced by the English Puritan missionary John Eliot under the official title *Mamusse Wunneetupanatamwe Up-Biblum God*. The work was financed by public and private donations from England and Wales and a tool to convert the indigenous communities to Christianity. Eliot worked more than fourteen years on the project and was assisted by two Native Americans, John Nesutan (translation) and James Printer (translation and printing). The New Testament was ready in 1661: a limited number of copies was given an English title page and sent to England to raise more funds to finish the project. Both copies in the JCB have the English title page.

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