In mid-September, 2019, the JCB partnered with the Embassy of Colombia in Washington, D.C. to celebrate the anniversary of the Battle of Boyacá, a military struggle on 7 August 1819 that definitively vanquished royal Spanish troops and which officially marks Colombian independence today, 200 years hence. During the day-long visit, the Library displayed a portion of its extraordinary collection of materials on early Colombian history.  The materials shared in Washington – expertly narrated by former JCB fellow Cristina Soriano (Professor of History at Villanova University) – are now displayed in this digital exhibition celebrating the bicentenary of Colombia's independence from Spain, including documents from Alexander von Humboldt's astronomical observations (and those of his Colombian counterparts) to maps of the newly independent republic. The JCB is grateful for the collaboration of Ambassador Francisco Santos and his extraordinary "equipo" in Washington. ¡Gracias, y felicidades, Colombia!


Exhibition co-curated by former JCB fellow Cristina Soriano and JCB Director and Librarian Neil Safier.