Guia política, eclesiástica y militar del Virreynato del Perú

Hipólito Unanue

This almost pocket-sized tome by the much-esteemed Peruvian intellectual Hipólito Unanue begins with a description of the “idea” of Peru. It includes a chronology of the Inca sovereigns and their Spanish successors and continues with a physical description of the cities, climates and character of the different regions of the Spanish American colony. Fold-out sheets show in tabular form the mines and other resources that can be found in and around the various urban agglomerations (including Cuzco). Books like this provided an encyclopedic resource for colonial administrators and residents alike to make use of land at their disposal. This book originally belonged to José Maria Andrade, who formed the so-called Maximilian Library in Mexico that was sold off in Leipzig in 1869.

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